More Apples, less Sheldon Cooper

More Apples, less Sheldon Cooper

Or more Sheldon Coopers?

What if the researchers, tech people, and builders communicate easily? and at the same time, entrepreneurs structure and formalize their work?

Last week I attended the National Final for International Business Model Competition,  two of the judges: Ury and David were discussing entrepreneurship and research with different perspectives. Ury is a Lean Startup expert and David a researcher.

The conversation was something like this:

Ury: David, your last paper was really good, but “you need more apples and less Sheldon Cooper”

David: Sure, but, do you think all your validation experiments can be done with “more Sheldon Cooper and fewer apples?”

We are walking on different worlds, Sheldon Coopers with extraordinary research work, minds, knowledge, and prototypes, but complex in a way that most of the research work cannot be easily applied.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs using methodologies like Lean Startup, Customer Development or Design Thinking are conducting experiments without structure, documentation or formalization.

I realize the same is happening to us, like most of the entrepreneurship promoters, we run hackathons, accelerators, business incubators and several programs with several people and companies each year, but we are not capturing the value and the learning in a formal way.

We need more Sheldon Cooper.

More Apples, less Sheldon Cooper


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