Heroes vs Villains (good & bad entrepreneurs) - Orion Startups

Heroes vs Villains (good & bad entrepreneurs)

Case A. One team executing 10 hrs by day, focused, asking, listening, learning, executing, improving their company… day by day.

Case B. One team arriving late, thinking they know everything, not attending meetings, asking for next round… day by day.

This is a pattern at entrepreneurship programs.

We are now running our fourth batch at Orion Startups and at the same time  we have around fifty companies at Nova Orion Business Incubator. It is very impressive how the quality of the entrepreneurs and the team make the difference. It is not the idea, the market, technology, even the money, at the end everything is about people.

Like an accelerator, we are always looking for heroes, most of the time we think all of them are heroes, but… there are always surprises, at the end their supposed super powers don´t show up.

How do they look? 

Signs of a Villain:

  • They think they know everything
  • Fading out
  • Don’t show up on time
  • Not reporting
  • Activity on LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Mentally distant
  • New job
  • I just want to finish my masters degree
  • Don´t show up at events
  • Unfocused

Signs of a Hero:

  • They listen
  • Always want to learn more
  • High level of execution (everything)
  • They question everything
  • They challenge everything
  • 120% focused on the project (not aside job)
  • The project is number one at priorities
  • They think they can be at least 10 years working on the startup

We have faced both kinds of entrepreneurs/teams, and the experience can be from heaven to hell. Very happy with heroes growing so fast, and sad because I had to fire two teams, villain teams.

Most of the time we are so optimistic, thinking we can change people’s behavior at the program, it never happens, it is such a short time to change people, we can change and help their projects, but if the people has signals of villain or hero it is because they are villains or heroes. And they will be so even after the program.

Do you know any heroes? Please refer them to me…


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