This is me @ Exponential InnovationeverWorkshop in Chihuahua, Mexico.

Exponential Innovation in a small city in Mexico

By Ilse Ornelas.

Vivek Wadhwa is one of the most amazing and talented minds I’ve ever had the opportunity to share ideas with, then again I’m only 21 years old, I may be blown away by almost anything. But what about the 50-ish experienced businessmen from a Mexican small city called Chihuahua, that were also shocked by what Vivek and Tarun had to say. Exponential Innovation Workshop is the name of these talk, workshop, mind opening experience. The bottom line here is that you should live through this workshop if you want to survive technology and adapt to it for the next 15 years, more than surviving it, actually taking advantage and doing something productive for you and society (money).

Trends from different fields in technology such as: Robotics, Computing, Genomics, Virtual Reality, 3D Printing among others are exposed to us through this two-day Workshop. To hear from this Gurus things such as, “you’ll be living with humanoid robots in the future” or “you will probably eat in-vitro meat and won’t tell the difference” it just made me go crazy. So much disruptive innovation, technological advance and science fiction came to reality has the power to increase your vision as an entrepreneur.

The main purpose, as I suppose, was to create a change in our region, to create disruptive innovation. My personal opinion would be:

Businessmen sensitization = Success

Long term capitalization of knowledge in Chihuahua = Failure

There is one powerful reason that justifies what I just wrote, that would be culture. Mexicans are just not confident enough to believe they can be the next Silicon Valley for Latin America. Said by the Wadhwa duo, we have what it takes to accomplish that in every way: talent, money, infrastructure, environment, knowledge, academics, everything but confidence. But this can be changed, right?

I’m a student, I work at an Investment Fund. I want this powerful businessmen to invest in startups from young people like me with thirst for success and no fear of failure. Better said, not only invest, to get involved and develop this trendy technologies at Chihuahua’s own pace, for Chihuahua’s own market and talent.

My own proposal to start with, is to create a LinkedIn or Facebook group with all the Workshop attendees. In order to keep everybody informed, synchronized and not to let all this knowledge be garbage in a couple of weeks. The dream is to connect talented entrepreneurs with talented angel investors, all from Chihuahua and none from Silicon Valley.

Main lessons learned

  • Understand the problems your own society has, create solutions.
  • Let Mexico care about Mexico, no one else does.
  • Rely on crowdfunding, money shouldn’t be a problem if you have the talent and the guts to do it.
  • Share, share, share your information and knowledge. Please don’t be like the average Mexican that won’t share their ideas because someone else could “steal” them.
  • Design is everything, do it the Apple way!
  • Create platforms instead of products.
  • Startups are the new giants, bet on them.

And most important don’t give up, everyone loves failed entrepreneurs. If you don’t believe me, ask Vivek! @Wadwha

For more information or just comments, reach me at 

Original post: Exponential Innovation in a small city in Mexico.


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