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The spring break for entrepreneurs and startups – SXSW

March 13-17 officially marks the 22nd annual SXSW Interactive festival in Austin, Texas, known by a lot of people around the globe like the spring break for entrepreneurs. No matter if your are looking for exposure, connections, learning, investors or just to party, Austin city has created the best atmosphere for startup-related people in the same place.

The whole city becomes a single event where more than 370K people connect, learn, drink, invest and discover the Entrepreneurship and Technological world.

What’s SXSW?

South by Southwest (SxSW) is a set of film, interactive, music festivals and conferences that take place each year in March at Austin TX.

The interactive activities, this year from March 13th to 17th are focused on emerging technology and entrepreneurship, and most of the people involved in these topics will be there, physically or by following the events on media.

SXSW was founded in 1987, the 2014 attendance was 376,000 people, 49,185 nights booked in official hotels and an impact for the city of $315.3 million dollars.

Historically, Austin has been the place of launch and/or adoption of some incredibly influential tech companies, including Twitter (in 2007) and Foursquare (in 2009).

The entrepreneur opportunity

Startup global entrepreneurial growth has been reflected this year at SXSW with more international people than ever, and double space for startup this year compared with 2014.

For first time, we, Tec de Monterrey (MIT of Mexico by TechCrunch) organize a series of events for startups on March 16th for networking, and a panel where 48 of the best startups of Tec de Monterrey in Mexico will pitch looking for investment and exposure.

Probably this year I won’t be there, but I can say that is one of the best experiences during my entrepreneurship life, once you live the SXSW environment you want to be there every year.

Some trends to see this year: self-driving cars, transportation, delivering, robots, internet of things (more than 70 sessions about it), health and medical industry, beacon technology.

What you can win?

  • Know a lot of people. Entrepreneurs, investors, company founders, speakers, and more.
  • Exposure for you and your startup. If you are good enough and have a good strategy, you can have more exposure than the rest of the year.
  • Learning. Learning a lot, from conferences, from people, from seeing others solutions and projects.
  • Experience & vision. Just by being there and seeing how the entrepreneurial world is moving, you already win.


  • Attend as many events as you can. Not only badge allowed events, use Eventbrite to discover more events.
  • Share in Social Media. 665,000 tweets where sent during SXSW interactive last year. Share the world all what you do at the event.
  • Prepare Business cards. A lot, be prepared to know a lot of interesting people. ( a t-shirt of your company can help)
  • Pitch. Be prepared with your single sentence, 30s, 1m, 5m pitch, you don’t know when it would be needed.
  • Talk with everyone. At the events, at networking events, at parties, at the line for buying a cheese burger.
  • Have fun & party…. Really, Just have fun.

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