3 days with 60 of the best acceleration programs in the world

When you are in the startup/business/investment world, the networking is your best resource to connect, learn and take advantage of the trends, fails and feedback, of others with more experience.

3 amazing days at NYC: in one of the last games of Derek Jeter, lost in the NYC subway, impressed by the crowd, diversity and multi-cultural streets, were the source of my next thoughts about the acceleration programs in the world.

The event

I had the opportunity to attend the annual Managing Directors conference of the Global Accelerator Network by Techstars. Orion Startups was the only accelerator program in Latin America attending the event. In 3 days, more than 30 speakers, workshops, meetings, beers and new friends from around globe ( US, Island, South Korea, Singapore, Madrid, Hawaii, Saudi Arabia and more),  helped me learn this:

Best practices:

  • Test the technical skills of the founders before selecting them.
  • Focus on team doers.
  • Focus on execution capabilities, instead of ideas.
  • Let the application process always open.
  • Implement a formal curriculum.
  • Ask for weekly deliveries.
  • Measure everything during the process.
  • Get the “dream team” to manage the acceleration program.
  • Get connected to Startups Hubs like Silicon Valley or NYC
  • Connect with mentors who know your program curriculum.
  • A coach mentor can improve teams performance (personal way)
  • Work with universities (Orion Startups is a Tec de Monterrey program)
  • Train investors… also
  • Work with the community (Entrepreneurship Ecosystem)
  • Get involved with Code schools (Or create them)


  • Take zombie startups.
  • Take all kind of startups.
  • Wait for lead investors.
  • Demo days.
  • Look for the best startups (a lot of competence )
  • Slides stage teams
  • Just intellectual teams
  • Mandatory sessions at the program
  • Informal training
  • Ignore the personal aspects of the founders
  • Not enough PR


  • Corporate acceleration programs
  • Startups (SaaS, Consumer Internet, Hw, Robotics, Healthcare, Mobile & Telecom, Energy)
  • Verticals acceleration programs (For example Startup Basecamp)
  • Bigger funds
  • Convertible notes
  • Follow-on funds


  • NYC pretzels are awesome!
  • The NYC entrepreneurship ecosystem is on fire.
  • Google offices are not as cool as Mountain view offices.

One thought on “3 days with 60 of the best acceleration programs in the world

  1. “Test the technical skills of the founders before selecting them”

    To assure top skills we need a permanent training program for:
    Developer, Business, Design.

    This day it makes economic sense to use the best tools available(udemy, udacity, mejorandola, my open courses etc.)

    This not only ensures the skill level of the founders in the program(so the startups advance more rapidly), but also brings value to the whole ecosystem providing a virtuous cycle so more people join the process.


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