Cold Emails: How to Break the Ice effectively

Cold email
Cold emails should be the “ice breakers – emails” Since is the first contact with your users.
Their bad strategy or execution are leading to bad hypotheses validation, bad numbers, bad feedback and the lose of time and effort for entrepreneurs.
There is not a recipe for successful cold emails, but at least every entrepreneur must take in consideration the next tips:


– As specific as possible, you just have one shot in a few words.
– Use their name, show them the email is for them.
– Make it personal, nobody wants to talk with machines.
– Avoid sound like marketing email, no words like discount, sales, big opportunity, etc.
– Don´t lie, be careful to deliver what you are saying at the subject, in the rest of the email.


– Should answer 5 questions: Who are you? Why and how you can help them? Why you are writing to them? Why now? and what do you want?.
– Recognize them or their company/area/department/project name and something specific about them.
– Call to action, be clear and specific with the next step, the cold email is just to open the door.
– Give context about what you are talking about.
– Ask “Would you reply to this? What’s unclear? What would you change?”


– Define email templates for different kind of people/companies.
– Measure everything, define indicators about open rate, clicks, impact, etc.
– Don’t forget the follow ups, define a timeline, reminders and next steps by strategy
– Create a kit of resources like brochures, media, links or everything that add value to the conversation.
– Order your data bases. Define segments, timelines, track records, etc. ( a CRM could help)
Next post… Tools for better cold email (any suggest?)

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