Startup Weekend - The democratization of entrepreneurship

Startup Weekend – The democratization of entrepreneurship

For most of the people I know involved on startup entrepreneurship or new methodologies for creating new business, the Startup Weekend is an inflection point.

“In the future, we will look back at egis decade to as the beginning of an economic revolution as significant and world-changing as the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution” we are currently standing at the beginning of the entrepreneurial revolution.” – Startup Weekend Book.
I realize thatStartup Weekend is not the only initiative around the globe promoting, creating and educating entrepreneurs, but I think is one of the most important, and at least for many people in LATAM, it’s the source of a mindset change, a new vision and a paradygm breaker.
Many cities had opened closed doors to startups, young entrepreneurs and crazy developers trying to get attention and money like the mature entrepreneurship ecosystems.Startup Weekend as evangelizer, has been the flag that help people, institutions, universities and companies to believe in entrepreneurs.
Some years ago, entrepreneurship was hard, expensive, and only for a few people. The barriers like the long technology development cycles,cost of first customers, lack of expertise about startups/methodologies, failure rate and slow adoption of new technology made the journey almost impossible.
Today we can face changes that help the democratization of entrepreneurship, changes like the compression of the tech development cycle, new VC structures / risk capital / angels and seed funds, no geographic barriers and consumer internet.
Today we can see entrepreneurship as its own science in universities, most of them focused on programs, workshops, strategies and infrastructure to develop entrepreneurs.
But, “the change is not about technology is about entrepreneurs”  and here is where I see a big influence of Startup Weekend.
“Coming up with ideas is easy. The next ( and more difficult ) step is doing something about it”
In less than 2 year,s over 35,000 people in 195 cities in 65 countries around the world have been touched byStartup Weekend. On its mission to “provide the world’s premier experiential education for beginning and early stage entrepreneurs”, all attendees benefit from hearing speakers, working with local mentors, and receiving feedback from judges.
Startup Weekend companies are participating in accelerator programs, hiring employees, generating revenue, winning awards, and most importantly, solving real problems and creating value for themselves, their communities, and the economy.
In words of one of its founders and CEO, Marc Nager,through Startup Weekend people are able to pursue their passions and find the people they need to transform their vision into reality”.
For me, has been an inflection point three years ago. I  discovered in anStartup Weekend what I can do!
What about you?

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