The future of a brand's Social Destination is their website, not their FB page. – EngageSciences

The future of a brand’s Social Destination is their website, not their FB page. – EngageSciences

Two to three years ago, some people were talking about the death of the brand website. The seemingly unstoppable rise of Facebook and the promise of spreading content across the social graph from brand, Facebook Pages was an attractive elixir for many marketers.

 Fast forward to today and we have a very different scenario. The brand website has never been more important. Websites are now being re­invented as the primary social hub for a brand.

It’s no longer good enough to push people to a brand’s Facebook page for the social experience and websites are not just destinations to be found with search engines.

We are now entering an era of the social website.

The rise of the hashtag and its subsequent support across all the major social networks (LinkedIn excluded), has created a situation where it has never been easier to group conversations and interactions across networks and digital platforms into a single location.

So, with all this possibility for interaction with consumers on social networks, brands are looking to their website to become the owned media social destination for cross­platform social campaigns. Far from websites dying because of the rise of social media, they are now destined to become the branded social hubs of the future.

There needs to be one consumer engagement team, with the website as the primary hub where consumers can engage in deeper social experiences connected to multiple social channels.


Intriguingly, brands can start to harvest social login information on their website. But, website social login tools like Janrain and Gigya lack in offering consumers the reasons why they should engage.

Social interaction needs to have a value exchange and websites need to provide that with interactive experiences that people will want to engage with. Websites need to start offering functionality such as social applications and campaigns that engage and entice users to interact. Collecting social profile information and permissions by offering social engagement campaigns such as such as contests, quizzes and gamification programs will allow brands to build CRM programs that are rich with social data harvested directly from the branded social hub on the website. An earned media social destination that the brand actually owns.

How refreshing.


Amplify from EngageSciences enables brands to discover and filter the best advocate content produced by consumers across a range of social networks and to also centralize content around brand­-related hashtags. Marketers can curate and publish this credible and authentic content to a social hub on their owned digital properties, such as websites and campaign microsites.

As well as displaying user generated content, brands can also integrate their own branded content into the social hubs and feature social activation campaigns such as competitions, contests and loyalty programs.

The results that can be achieved with social hubs are impressive. Brands who create socialized web pages experience a 300 percent increase in dwell­time. There’s also 60 percent more clicks on calls to actions than other web pages.

“After years of being the poor relation to a brand’s Facebook Page, corporate websites must now become the premiere owned media social destination,” said Richard Jones, CEO of EngageSciences, “Amplify from EngageSciences represents a significant opportunity for brands to turn their websites into true social hubs, through blending curated social content from advocates with applications for further social engagement.”
Amplify from EngageSciences continues the company’s mission to enable marketers to engage their fans, harness the power of their advocates and ultimately boost sales and reach. A summary of Amplify can be viewed on this video: 
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