Not all fans are equal - EngageSciences

Not all fans are equal – EngageSciences

Sometimes in business you can find out facts that change the way you look at things. It was just such an occasion that led the CEO of EngageSciences to realize that social marketing to date had been viewing word of mouth marketing the wrong way. Brands had also been fundamentally missing the value in their social media followings. Like all good discoveries, it wasn’t planned.

We have been facing a lot of tools and platforms to make the engagement a really true. After many options, one of my preferred is EngageScience, a global platform to build a strong strategy for customer engagement, let me tell you why.

  • The discovery had its genesis in the way EngageSciences looked at an older ancillary marketing channel and tried to apply some of the learnings to the social media marketing world. That industry was email marketing. Think of how the email marketing industry evolved. The first tools just allowed you to send out messages, configure landing pages.

And in turn gave you analytics on open rates. That is pretty much what the first generation of social media marketing tools were designed to do. Very quickly however, the email marketing industry evolved into becoming the all ­important marketing database. That’s because, to create targeted campaigns, you need to understand the behavior of people that are receiving your messages over time.


  • The startling figure from research was that typically only 4.7% of a brand’s fan base generates 100% of the social referrals. So to put it another way, it is 4.7% of your social media followers that generates all of the word of mouth results; and by results I mean conversions, not just reach.

The problem is most brands don’t know who those 4.7% are and don’t have programs in place to work with this elite group of advocates. Marketers are often seduced by trying to pay for access to influencers ­ celebrities, bloggers and industry analysts. However everyone else is trying to do the same thing, which negates the value of this approach. Most brands however are ignoring the best asset they have for influencing others ­. This inlfuential group give you 176x the reach of an active engaged fan that is interacting with your posts and campaigns. When you are a large brand, this group can number in the millions. Do the maths. It’s time brands focused on building the brand army. Not all fans are equal. 

  • Its time to start focusing some budget on working better with the organic influencers you have within your own social media.


With the EngageSciences audience database and advocate engine, brands can create social loyalty programs that reward their best fans for helping drive their social marketing agenda. The rewards and achievements of each fan are stored in the audience database. Marketers can set­up a whole set of fan engagement tactics, such as challenges to check­out branded content, refer friends to particular offers, review products, enter competitions/quizzes/contests, even rewarding fans for great comments on their posts. All of these tactics are connected to earning points or badges through a simple to use rules engine. Long standing clients, such as Rakuten, the third largest eCommerce provider in the world, who have focused on tracking and increasing the percentage of advocates amongst their fan base have increased from the 4.7% average to over 40%.

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