“Unreasonable Entrepreneurs” against Social and Environmental issues

Unreasonable México

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship Management Institutions worldwide have a big interest in supporting programs that fight these problems.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Raúl de Anda, CEO of Unreasonable Mexico, a truly innovator program because of its way of connecting entrepreneurs and mentors, which goes beyond just sharing knowledge.

The objective is to bring together 15 entrepreneurs, who have the potential to change the course of history, in the same house for 5 weeks. There, they will receive personalized training from 50 mentors and access to over 100 financial sources.

The entrepreneurs will also have the chance to:

  • Learn from and live with 50 mentors, from a Silicon Valley investor, who sold his first company at age 27 by $ 75 million, to GoogleX director and creator of the Google Glass.
  • Live and interact with directors of Philanthropy Funds and Investment, among many other sources of access to capital, including more than 50 angel investors.
  • Validate their market; know their customer from day one and build a scalable business model.
  • Get personalized support from the mentors, investors, and participate in workshops specifically selected for Unreasonable Entrepreneurs and their business needs.
  • Join the Unreasonable Network of 50 mentors, +50 allies (including Orion Startups) and an international network with presence in 40 countries.

Definitely, a different model with infinite capabilities that provide knowledge and connections to entrepreneurs, to help them develop their projects and tackle major social and environmental issues.

there are still a few days left to apply to the call. You can find more information and application on their website: www.unreasonablemexico.org


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