24 points to fail with your new startup idea
Image: dribble.com

Do you have an idea? Are you ready to conquer the market with your amazing vision? This is the must to do/think checklist to fail with your new startup project:

1. Think that your new idea is the center of universe.

2. Once you have passion + tech skills you are ready to go out and seek funding.

3. Believe the startup tales and think every new startup success and get millionaire.

4. Abuse of the “speed” building your startup.

5. Forget the research of your idea.

6. Forget the realistic goals.

7. Think that is not needed explore funding & market opportunities.

8. You don´t need to know the real customer needs.

9. Competence & operations are for “oldies”

10. You have a lot of time & money.

11. You can fail again & again & again & always.

12. Your best friend is the enthusiasm.

13. Base your actions on assumptions.

14. Don´t care about what is the problem you want to solve?

15. Don’t care about why exists that problem?

16. Don´t care about how the people can avoid that problem?

17. Don´t cares what points are the pains of the problem?

18. Don´t cares why nobody has solved the problem before?

19. Forget to ask at least 20 people of your target about the problem before begin anything.

20. Go and ask to your friends & family about the problem.

21. Forget that weird concept named problem/solution fit.

22. Focus con your product before problem/solution fit.

23. Focus on your business model before problem/solution fit.

24. Focus on build a team before problem/solution fit.

Anything else?